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DPN Series

Miniature Circuit Breaker
DPN is used in the single phase circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 230V or below for protecting circuit from overload and shortcircuit. This product has advantages of high breaking capacity, small volume, width is only 18mm. It conforms with the standards of IEC60898.
DPN SeriesMiniature Circuit Breaker
Product description
Main technical parameter
Rated current (A)6,10,16,20,25,322
Rated voltage(V)30
Type of instantaneous releaseC
Rated short circuit breaking capacty Icn(A)4500
Applicable conducting wire
Rated current(A)Norminal cross section of wire mm²
In ≤ 61
6<ln ≤ 131.5
13<ln ≤ 202.5
20<In ≤ 254
25<In ≤326
The over-current protection property
Initial StatusTest CurrentExpected ResultExpected ResultNote
30 ± 2℃Cold position1.13lnt≤1hNon-release-
Carried out immediately after
     previous test
Cold position2.55ln1s<t<60sReleaseCurrent smoothly rises to specified
     value within 5s
-5~+40℃Cold position5lnt≤1hNon-releaseType C
Cold position10lnt<0.1sReleaseType C
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