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Din Rail Type

Eletronic Energy Meter
Din Rail TypeEletronic Energy Meter
Product description
Product Brief Intorduction

DDS7171 type electronic single-phase watt-hour meter adopt exclusiveuse LSI, the device typifying new periphery component, simple structure, high reliability, lowpower onsumption, long life etc, is suitable for the single-phase AC active electric energy with rated frequency of 50Hz. The performance is in conformity with the technical requirenentsforSingle-phase Electronic Watt-hour Meter stipulated in GB/T17215-2002class 1 and 2 Static AC Active Watt-hour Meter standard.

Function and Features

1.Measure active electric energy, do not need calibrate for long-term operation;

2.Adopt the special chip of measurement ADE7755;

3.Adopt the latest oversea electric energy special integration circuit, greatly improved dynamic working range of Meter; to make the ability of actual overload up to over 10 times.

4.Have good mistake linearity in the range of 5% lb-Imax;

5.Few periphery components, simple structure, low power consumption;

6.Adopt high reliability and long life electronic components, so the Meter assume feature of

7.high reliability and long life.

Main Technical Data

Rated Current (A)1.5(6)、2.5(10)、5(20)、5(30)、10(40)、10(60)、15(60)、20(80)、30(100)
Rated Voltage(A)220or240
Rater voltage(Hz)50or60
B Accuracy classclass1orclass2

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