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Din Rail Type

Eletronic Energy Meter
Din Rail TypeEletronic Energy Meter
Din Rail TypeEletronic Energy Meter
Din Rail TypeEletronic Energy Meter
Product description
Product Brief Intorduction

DTS7171 type electronic three-phase watt-hour meter is adopted latest microelectronic technology; used to measure active electric energy of three-phase A.C whole rated frequency is 50/60Hz, coordination meter age of positive and negative. This series Meter have tow mode of cut-over: cut-over directly andcut-over by mutual inductance electronics. The performance is in conformity with the technical requirements for three-phase Electronic Watt-hour Meter stipulated in GB/T 17215-2002 Class 1 and 2 Static A.C Active Watt-hour Meter standard.

Function and Features

1.Measure three-phase active electric energy, do not need calibrate for long-term operation;

2.Three phase power supply,, loss one (any one wire of three-wire) or two (any two wireof four-wire) phase, uninfected measurement;

3.Wide service temperature range;

4.Assuming function of defect phase indication or voltage indication.

5.Way of display: register, LCD, digital tube.

6.Remote interruption of power supply function.

7.Output interface Rs485.

Main Technical Data
Rated Current (A)3×1.5 (6)、3×5 (20)、3×10 (40)、3×15 (60)、3×20 (80)、3×30(100)
Rated Voltage(A)

Three-phase three-wire3×100Vor3×380V

Three-phase four-wire3×220/380Vor3×57.7/100V

Rater voltage(Hz)50or60
B Accuracy classclass1 or class2
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